Supercharge your digital workflows with Catalytic

Process problems? Connect your systems, data and people with automation for more productivity.

Supercharge your digital workflows with Catalytic

Almost half of repetitive office work can be automated with today’s technology.

What’s holding you back from achieving digital scale?

  • Disconnected systems
  • Unstandardized operations
  • Limited resources
  • Repetitive manual tasks

Digital process automation with Catalytic is the easiest way to break through.

Automation built for you, and your future work

The way your team does work is unique. Choose a next-gen automation solution that enables you to create solutions that are just as dynamic, so you can quickly embed cutting-edge technology directly into your existing digital workflows.

Modern efficiency

There’s technology that can make recurring information gathering, document processing, routing and reporting more efficient and near instantaneous. Catalytic is the easiest way to make it happen, all in one place.

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Higher capacity

By automating the most painful part of your processes, employee time is freed up and your people can focus on more strategic work that they do best. Employees working with automation side-by-side is the key to executing higher volumes of more impactful work.


Increased quality

With automation, doing more work, faster also means increased accuracy for less risk. Automation reduces human error while making it easier to ensure compliance is met and properly documented.

The next generation of digital process automation


Our smart workflow engine takes care of your repetitive emailing, information gathering, notifications, task assignments, and case routing across teams, departments and third parties.

Watch the interview process demo video to see how Catalytic routes tasks and data through a job application workflow.

Learn more about the Catalytic Workflow Engine.


Catalytic’s integration capabilities can layer on top of the platforms you use in your processes so you can automatically keep multiple records up to date, connect your systems, and augment with the automation and AI functionalities you wish they had.

Watch the master data management demo video to see how Catalytic connects to a VMS in a supplier data management workflow.

Learn more about Catalytic Integrations.

Document assembly

Use Catalytic to automatically generate documents like quotes, proposals, PowerPoints or reporting spreadsheets using custom templates and information from your workflows.

Watch the client engagement process demo video on how Catalytic can generate a slide deck or budget worksheet in this client engagement workflow.

Learn more about Catalytic Document Assembly.

AI and machine learning

Apply AI capabilities like sentiment analysis, intelligent matching, and machine learning predictions that work alongside your systems and employees to reach another level of modern efficiency.

Watch the security questionnaire demo video on how Catalytic uses artificial intelligence to autofill answers to a questionnaire in a customer inquiry workflow.

Learn more about Catalytic Machine Learning & AI.


5,000 manual hours saved by automating a key process

One insurance brokerage automated five of six steps in creating quotes, improving turnaround to approximately one minute with more than 95% accuracy. This will save the company almost 5,000 manual hours annually, driving a 400% ROI.

Max C.

Catalytic is a trustworthy partner, providing significant ROI, with a vision to scale by making the technology accessible to non-technical audiences.

Max C.
Max C.
-Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network
Kate P.

The real value [of Catalytic] comes in its ability to elevate the experiences of our employees, and use our data to make better decisions.

Kate P.
Kate P.
-Lead of New Technologies, Human Resources, Mayo Clinic

In a matter of days, I was able to build robust automations that helped across the company and add significant value. It’s streamlined and simplified a lot of our operations.

Wyatt H.
-Change Management Coordinator, Reveleer

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