The easiest way to build automations

Catalytic makes configuring automations simple, so you can scale faster.

How to build an automated process in Catalytic

Using the Catalytic platform, it's possible to create an automated process in minutes to save hours of work. We call these end-to-end automated processes Pushbots. Watch this video to learn how to:

  • Create a Pushbot
  • Trigger a process
  • Add actions as no-code building blocks for automation
  • Use AI, tasks, and app integrations in a process

200+ actions to use

Build with hundreds of actions that you can stack together to automate steps in your business’ processes.


3 days to learn

In our 3-day builder training, anyone can learn to use Catalytic’s intelligent automation platform, even without an IT background.


3 weeks to deploy

On average, Catalytic customers can get their first automated process up, running and delivering ROI in as little as 3 weeks.

The Catalytic Builder

Intuitive UI

Build using actions, Catalytic’s building blocks for automation. To create a process, simply type what you want each step in the process to do. Catalytic will intelligently match each step with the right action to use, or you can select actions from a list.

Intuitively customize each action by editing its options. And, just drag and drop actions to reorder each step in your process.

No-code configuration

With Catalytic, see what no-code really looks like. Configure actions using dynamic fields with drop-down boxes, customizable text fields, and built-in integrations.

Automate sophisticated digital processes—without sophisticated coding.

Built-in data engine

Catalytic automates at the data level. As a process runs, actions are completed in the background, while you can monitor progress from the dashboard and view data through self-updating tables.

Build at Scale

Empower citizen automators

A business user-friendly tool like the Catalytic Builder is key to scaling automation while taking the burden off technical resources. Every hour spent building within the Catalytic platform generates an average of 26 hours of time savings.

The Catalytic Builder is highly customizable while also being simple to use. I have no technical expertise, but I am able to build out very complex processes and even incorporate predictive modeling with no additional support. Not having to wait on IT has been huge for me.

April J. Senior Director of Business Operations & Transformation Computer Networking Company

See Catalytic in action

Learn how easy it is to configure your own automations in Catalytic.