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50 practical uses of AI you can incorporate into common operational workflows in 2021

AI is no longer futuristic, it’s a reality. Here are some examples for quick efficiency wins in 2021.

Artificial intelligence use cases in the workplace look less like Siri and more like an auto-generated forecast report that used to take you hours to do manually. These uses of AI aren’t as flashy, but added up, they can make a significant difference in the efficiency of your workday, your customer experiences and how well your team operates together overall.

2020 has brought many new challenges and operations strategies are evolving with new tech trends. Companies need to do more with less and employees need to be more efficient than ever. This is why now is the time for AI-assisted employee workflows.

With the rise of no-code automation and AI workflow tools, embedding artificial intelligence like OCR, fuzzy matching, sentiment analysis, machine learning and more are now within reach. From HR to supply chain, the right data-based tool can enable business users to implement new intelligent technology anywhere in their own operations. Here are some ideas of practical places to start for your role.

AI for customer and sales operations can:

  1. Detect sentiment to analyze customer comments and inquiries to escalate accordingly
  2. Suggest and draft a response to frequently asked customer or prospect questions
  3. Make predictions on customer churn risk factors
  4. Forecast sales pipeline
  5. Generate recommendations and suggestions for customers
  6. Draft documents like RFP responses, security questionnaires and agreements
  7. Predict customer project timeline
  8. Complete lead scoring
  9. Calculate net promoter scores
  10. Prescribe sales and customer success playbooks based on similar customers
  11. Accelerate an onboarding process
  12. Analyze survey feedback

    AI for finance operations can:

  13. Forecast budgets
  14. Generate financial reports
  15. Detect fraud risk
  16. Calculate quotes
  17. Identify and flag non-compliance
  18. Monitor spend and send alerts
  19. Scan documents like SOWs or agreements for key payment terms
  20. Predict approvals for expenses and invoices
  21. Make investment predictions 
  22. Calculate account risks
  23. Complete data cleanup and enrichment
  24. Accelerate audit preparation

    AI for supply chain operations can:

  25. Forecast inventory and turnover ratios
  26. Identify supplier risks
  27. Generate supplier scorecards
  28. Match purchase orders
  29. Perform master data management, cleaning and enrichment
  30. Compile consolidated reports
  31. Complete check-ins and outreach with suppliers
  32. Scan documents like contracts for key compliance terms
  33. Monitor vendor spend and send alerts
  34. Schedule shipments, loading and appointments
  35. Predict spikes in demand for production planning
  36. Recommend predictive maintenance
  37. Estimate shipping timelines

    AI for HR and people operations can:

  38. Rank resumes
  39. Predict employee churn risk for retention management
  40. Generate suggested interview questions
  41. Analyze assessment results
  42. Leadership coaching and recommendations
  43. Schedule interviews
  44. Accelerate onboarding
  45. Generate reports
  46. Analyze sentiment of employee survey feedback
  47. Forecast seasonal staffing demand
  48. Predict PTO approvals
  49. Capture data from scanned new hire documents
  50. Generate offer letters and contracts

No matter your operational area, small uses of AI to complete tasks like these can be game-changing. And a no-code tool like Catalytic can help you make AI-enabled and automated workflows a reality to gain momentum in 2021 and beyond.


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