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Automation Blog

Keep up with the latest digital transformation trends and learn how automation and AI are revolutionizing the future of work across industries.

catalytic bcp automation

Using automation to respond to unanticipated events

From business continuity to risk assessment and employee...

organization structure for automation

For automation success, understand your organizational structure

Successful, scalable automation applies to people across the entire...

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5 reasons why companies struggle to scale their automation program

Catalytic’s new ‘State of Automation’ report finds the common obstacles many...

Increase digital transformation success by giving employees a voice

Ironically, the employees who will ultimately use tech tools are often left...

human resources automation

What is human resources automation?

Essentially, automation technology helps to put the human back into human...

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Why your BPM automation strategy should take center stage in 2020

Having the right business process management (BPM) strategy and set of tools...