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New streamlined building and simplified navigation supercharge workflows

Catalytic’s latest Builder update introduces new features and improvements that will enhance the workflow building experience.

From new design features like combining the most common building tools in one location and listing out available fields in a separate panel, to providing common workflow templates to kickstart workflow building, here are the newest updates to Catalytic.


Introducing Workflow Templates—Tried and true workflows to kickstart your building process

july-workflow template

Catalytic’s power lies in the ability to customize fully integrated workflows into your everyday business processes. While this capability is empowering, newer users might not know where to start. 

Catalytic has identified some common patterns and we’ve added an option to start your workflows with templates built from these designs.

Now, builders can select from a variety of templates when starting their workflows without having to download or upload any files. This allows builders to start their workflows with a functional framework and customize to fit their processes, reducing the time it takes to deliver a workflow and helping users understand the power of Catalytic.


Simplified navigation for faster workflow builds

In line with our vision to streamline your processes, we’ve made some changes to better conform to how builders build and test workflows.


Easier referencing with the new Fields Panel

july - Fields Panel

No need to remember the exact reference names of your fields, now a persistent list of available fields will always be to the right of your builder actions. 

The new fields panel lets you easily keep track of the data types you’re dealing with for easy search and quick reference. This eliminates the need to track fields in another manner or search for fields within the field reference field.


Streamlined build page

July - Build View

Catalytic’s easy-to-use Builder interface becomes even more intuitive. By creating a landing page with the core components to building a workflow, the new Builder is a one-stop shop for building and editing workflows. 

You now have a single location where you can assemble Actions, Triggers, and Fields. This eliminates the extra back-and-forth clicks between the old Workflow Settings page and the Actions page.


Test workflows without leaving the Builder

When you test your Workflow it will now open in the familiar Catalytic overlay screen, rather than taking you to a new page. This means that you will not have to leave your Builder page to test out your workflows. Now, moving from building to testing and back again feels seamless.


Higher-profile workflow permissions

July - Permissions SC

Controlling who has access to your workflows is integral. Now builders can set permissions when starting a new workflow, bringing security and access control to the top of mind when setting up workflows. This makes it even easier to ensure only users you designate to view or edit your workflows are allowed to.





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