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It's time for the business and IT to partner on more opportunities for automation

No-code is making citizen development easier and safer than ever

IT wants to own and influence successful tech implementations that work for the business and the tech side of things. In order to do that, they need to ensure secure and strategic use of new and existing solutions and avoid anything that adds to the backlog.

The business wants more efficient workflows and has ideas of how digital, automation and AI technologies could help.

The solution? Citizen development. The concept is not new. But platforms that are made for no-code use with built-in governance are rising to make it a reality. This is what is making citizen automation something the business and IT can actually get excited about again.

Instead of thinking about what there is at risk, it’s time to start thinking about how much there is to gain in thinking differently about tech ownership and empowerment. Here’s how the business and IT can collaborate on innovation together like never before.

Tech-savvy employees have always been up to the challenge.

Citizen developers are employees who create software solutions, but are not professional software developers. This is not a new concept and is already done at scale within most businesses with tools like Excel. 

These Excel-savvy employees have the motivation, domain experience and process-oriented tech skills to make an impact on their operations. What they don’t have is the right tool to do so.

"With the rise of no-code, employees at this level can be empowered to automate processes in an IT-approved way without the IT background."

Many traditional automation or Business Process Management tools have a barrier of entry that’s too high. However, Excel and other more accessible tools are not only too limiting, but can cause risk. 

Spreadsheets were not meant to run entire business processes. Instead they are fragile, provide no visibility and are often overridden with manual errors.

With the rise of no-code, employees at this level can be empowered to automate processes in an IT-approved way without the IT background.

What if you could have 10x more technical resources and opportunities for automation?

If you’re like most companies, there’s a mismatch between the supply and demand for software development and an increasing pressure to digitize and automate business operations. Technical talent is a precious resource that should be used wisely.

Everyone knows IT can build many simple automated workflows the business needs with custom development. But they deserve to focus on projects that are a better use of their team’s time and advanced skills. 

Instead, giving tech savvy employees the right tool can help them address their tech needs faster and more practically, leaving the business side happy and giving more capacity to IT, which only represents a small fraction of the average company. When business users deploy their own projects and learn how to use no-code or low-code tools, that’s like getting ten times the developer capacity.

A true win-win partnership

Any new vendor, especially one for citizen-led automation, can cause concern over enterprise security, the existing tech roadmap, or if it will overlap with current tools or other teams’ skill sets. This makes IT feel skeptical about “automation magic” and if a new solution will really solve the problem or add to it.

That’s why a true no-code workflow automation platform for business users with IT-controlled guardrails can change everything. No code makes the latest automation tech accessible to almost anyone while centralized governance features—like self-documenting data tables, full visibility and traceability, automation versioning, publication and review, plus security and permissioning—makes it safe.  

The infrastructure and enablement that a no-code automation platform like Catalytic brings can actually make compliance and security easier than before, while both the business and IT sides of a company can innovate faster.

Both groups can recover more of their most useful resource—time—when more operational processes are automated and more capacity is freed up for IT.

Companies like Bosch, Guidant Global and Mayo Clinic trust putting Catalytic in the hands of tech-savvy business users, and are already benefiting from this win-win partnership. 



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