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 Today’s speed of business, partnered with competitive challenges, unprecedented events and changing customer preferences has created an environment where companies can no longer rest on their laurels. Operations must be flexible and agile in order to keep up with the fast pace of an increasingly unstable market.  

Digital-first companies are disruptors, quickly bypassing those that don’t innovate rapidly. You need to do much more with less, and you need to act now.

C-suites and operational leaders often have strategies in place to deliver this level of digital transformation, but their technology, processes and systems can be so cemented in place that evolving can be near impossible. 

Implementing smart workflows into your business to solve this problem can create leaner, agile and more digitized operations. But where do you start? In most scenarios, the burden is placed heavily on the IT department.


The role of IT

IT is the central hub of your company’s technology stack, but so often your team is drowning in oceans of data and manual processes, not to mention an endless backlog of work. 

IT is responsible for internal tasks like resolving tickets, onboarding and offboarding of employee technology, security, compliance, and other ongoing support needs. But even more, your team is tasked with helping to deliver on high-level company strategy, like implementing point solutions or other technologies, scaling them across the enterprise, and creating digital agility for more effective operations and a competitive edge. 

But this overload of work puts IT teams at an immense disadvantage when trying to juggle this volume of projects at once while trying to catch up on their growing backlog.  

According to a recent Catalytic data study, 96% of IT teams are confident their department has the expertise to achieve the company’s automation goals, yet 47% of IT professionals rated IT bottlenecks/delivery timeframes as an extreme challenge—indicating a disconnect between vision and execution. 

This means that IT has the vision to deliver on meaningful digital transformation, yet they lack resources to deliver.


Empower the people best suited for the problem

IT has its work cut out but the department represents only 2.5% of the average company. Although IT is the most tech-savvy—and best suited to solve the most technical problems—they lack bandwidth and do not understand the nuances of business processes as well as members of the department itself.  

This creates a catch-22 in which the people most qualified to create automations are often the least aware of the processes most ripe for automation. 

For example, the accounting department best understands the frustrations of their monthly invoice payments; the procurement team knows the inefficiencies creating lost time in the supply chain; and the HR department knows how best to improve their recruiting and onboarding system. Yet these teams may lack the resources or ability to do anything about it.

With a lightweight, user-friendly platform, companies can side-step the back-and-forth communication with IT and place the power of automation in the hands of the business users who know how best to apply it.



How Catalytic can help

Catalytic is the next generation of digital process automation, providing a platform for rapidly creating process-oriented applications and smart workflows. Using Catalytic’s no-code framework, citizen developers can easily build enterprise-grade automated processes that connect systems, data and people.

The result of using Catalytic’s integration, workflow and data processing tools is a faster, leaner and fully digitized business that can execute higher volumes of work with less time, cost and risk—all while allowing employees to focus on more meaningful work.


How we do it

Optimize IT operations 

Catalytic connects to your systems, like GitHub, Jira, ServiceNow, Azure and AWS. Our platform can automate employee technology onboarding and training processes, manage tech assets and help desk requests, and empower your team to better field requests from all parts of the business, quickly and efficiently.

Forecast with predictive models 

Catalytic acts as an intelligent layer over your IT systems and tools, using AI and machine learning capabilities to forecast future processes as more data is entered. This enables your team to be more strategic, prevent service outages, and keep up with the pace of the technology that they’re managing.

Benefit from our tech ecosystem 

Catalytic leverages the latest technology, built in and made simple with no extra research, contracts or implementation required from IT. With Catalytic, you automatically bring the leading OCR, eSignature, NLP, and AI capabilities into your toolkit, delivering faster, more efficient workflows.

Fast-track digital transformation

 A company’s true digital transformation requires an entire company’s buy-in, but the process begins with IT. With Catalytic, it’s easy for IT to make infrastructure changes, implement new processes and get employees ramped up on using them, optimizing company operations for efficiency, flexibility, and speed. 

Maintain complete governance

As an IT team, maintaining safety, security and compliance enterprise-wide is a top priority and key responsibility. By managing processes with Catalytic, IT can align its goals with company strategy, optimize operations and increase project visibility, all while enabling the team to maintain complete governance and minimize risk.




Maximize the power of your IT team through automation and learn how to deliver immediate ROI with Catalytic.

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