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Covid Testing and Vaccination Tracker

A quick to implement, easy to use solution for employers to gather, track, and safely access the testing and vaccination status of employees.

In order to keep up with new state and federal Covid vaccine mandates, businesses must be able to gather, track, and verify employee vaccination documentation and test results.

With the most recent OSHA vaccine mandate, employers have until February 8, 2022, to ensure their employees receive the Covid-19 vaccine, or undergo weekly testing and wear a mask in the office.

Regardless of size, industry, or stage of returning to the office, businesses everywhere can take steps to prepare operations to be quick and efficient in gathering, tracking, and verifying employee vaccination documentation and testing results.

The good news is that Catalytic has a fast, easy, and hands-on solution for you.


How Catalytic can help

We have created a workflow that allows employers to track COVID test results for unvaccinated employees, as well as the vaccination status for non-exempt employees. Once the information is captured, Catalytic will create and distribute a report of the results to upper management so they can stay in the loop and easily access this information when needed.

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure the workflow, approve, and notify based on the requirements or your preferences. The best part is that our cloud-based solution is already available and can be up and running with a one-hour consultation with a Catalytic team member. 

Already a customer and want to skip the walk-thru? Add this pre-built workflow to your team now.  


Covid test results

Employees who, for various reasons, are exempt from receiving the COVID-19 vaccination must undergo weekly testing and wear a mask in the office. The information is stored in a table and the employee is sent an email confirmation.

Employers can then receive a report on a scheduled basis, or by submitting a webform to receive the latest data and information.



Covid vaccine documentation

A spreadsheet of non-exempt employees is created, each employee is emailed a web form to complete, and that information is added to the table. Then, managers are sent and managers are sent an email of webform submissions to approve/deny.

Finally, a series of reminders are sent out, when appropriate, to remind non-exempt employees of expired exemptions, second doses, or, for managers to remind non-employees to fill out the form.



What makes our solution different

Implementation time

Our solution is already built and available for you. We can have this solution up and running with a one-hour, hands-on consultation with a Catalytic team member to help set up your solution, your way.

Catalytic customers can get this solution here and now. All you need to do is download, plugin your information, and with a few short steps, you’re ready to go.

Catalytic Covid reminder workflow


Since you’re capturing all of this important, sensitive information, there has to be a nice, digestible way to report the data.

An advantage of using a platform like Catalytic is that your entire process becomes more dynamic and visible. Our solution provides a quick, high-level overview of the entire audit trail, so executives have full visibility of the entire process.

These digitized and standardized workflow steps all run on a real-time self-documenting data layer so that everything is trackable, data is more reliable and up-to-date.



One of the biggest benefits of using Catalytic is the flexibility. The information or data captured can be easily exported and used to create other workflows.

Depending on employer preferences or when state and federal requirements roll out, you might need to capture more detailed or different information further down the road.


How to get this solution

Not a Catalytic customer (yet) and want this solution? 

We will meet with you for a one-hour intake session where we’ll:

  • Install the solution
  • Customize to your liking
  • Get you ready to run

Interested in learning more about Catalytic's Covid Workflow? Schedule a discussion with one of our Sales Engineers.

Already a Catalytic customer? You can access this pre-built solution here.



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