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How the Catalytic platform streamlined our SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA exams

Catalytic makes compliance easy. We know because we use our own platform for successful audits.

At Catalytic, we've just completed our most recent SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA examinations. Our secret? We use our own tool, Catalytic, to orchestrate and track many of our compliance controls. Looking back on the last two years of audits, I realize how lucky we were to have this resource available as we built our compliance program.

Here’s how we use Catalytic to make compliance simple:

When you break down our security framework into simple terms, it comes down to about 150 items, known as key internal controls, that have to happen the right way, every time. I’m not sure if this makes SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance appear more or less daunting! The thing about compliance is, each of the 150 items aren’t necessarily complicated on their own, but they all work together and directly affect one another. So it’s imperative to have proper implementation and monitoring to ensure that everything is functioning the right way throughout the year.

Companies of every size have manual processes and controls that occur every day—sometimes they happen correctly, and sometimes they don’t. Think about what can fall through the cracks when employees join or leave the company, or how easy it is to simply forget to do or save something. To prevent this, we built some of our controls as part of larger workflows in our platform, while others are standalone quarterly, annual controls or transactional processes. It’s easy to build or update in the platform, too, so it’s simple for us to manage.

By using Catalytic for compliance, we’re able to gain insight and control over our internal processes throughout the year, and we also get the benefit of Catalytic’s built-in “audit trail.” Every instance of a process is saved in a data table, along with files, approvals, timestamps, and other details. This alleviates the burden of going out of our way to “save evidence.”

Ideally, quality compliance is seamless and doesn’t add extra work to your day. With our platform, it doesn’t. Catalytic’s data tables collect everything automatically every day. And when it’s time for audits, our process history enables us to easily export control activity for internal reviews, or as evidence for our auditors.

Using our platform for compliance made our SOC 2 and HIPAA examinations easy. Catalytic can help newer companies that are just getting started with their compliance program as well as more established companies looking to automate existing manual controls.

I hope sharing our experience can make your security and compliance journey easier. To learn how you can get started using Catalytic for compliance, connect with us.




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Written by Meg LaVelle