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3 new features in the Catalytic platform. Endless ways to automate.

Building automations just got easier with these new Catalytic builder features

Catalytic is the easiest platform for digital transformation and the automation of common knowledge work. And building automations just got even easier.

After implementing customer feedback, we’re introducing the new Catalytic builder. We’ve streamlined the navigation, made fields friendlier than ever, and added version control. But these changes are just the beginning. 


Here’s what’s new:


Action configuration

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 5.28.53 PM

Now, when building your Pushbot automation, you can do everything from a single, intuitive screen: add and configure actions, create forms, and set up dependencies and conditions. Just expand the action to configure it. And to reorder actions, now you simply click and drag to change the steps in your process.


Drop down fields

Reference Fields

When we say “no code,” we mean it. With our new dropdown field feature, you’ll need to type even less of anything that looks like code. To reference fields and connect data, simply type “{{“ then choose from the available fields from a dropdown list.

Now, when adding fields to a form, you can also choose to create a new field or select from existing fields that were used on earlier forms or as output from actions. 

Plus, now you can view and change the “Field Reference Name” separately from the “Display Name.”


Version control

Safely and easily work on a draft of a new version of your automation while still allowing people to start and use the published version. You'll be able to see the history of versions and revert to an earlier version at any time.


Additional updates

That's not all we’ve been working on. Take a look at  what else we've recently launched.

    • Easier action configuration: Drop-down lists for tables, Pushbots, predictive models, and configuration options.
    • Automatic dependencies: By default, actions will be set to start after the previous action in the list.
    • Field validation: Define acceptable input patterns and ranges for fields.
    • Embedded looping: Start batches within the same Pushbot, reducing the need for subprocesses.
    • More integrations: Soon, we’ll be releasing integrations with Zoom, Gmail, Amazon S3, Google Analytics, Trello, Google Calendar, Lever and many more.




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