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Catalytic's journey to the 2019 Bosch Global Supplier Award

How our partnership with Bosch received their 2019 international award

On July 10, the Catalytic team accepted the 2019 Bosch Global Supplier Award at the “Transforming Together. Staying Ahead.” event in Sonthofen, Germany. But to understand how we got there and how much this event meant to us, we have to go back a bit.

Our partnership with Bosch started in 2017 when we began to discuss how their operations could be significantly improved with better digital workflows, end-to-end process automation and AI. At that point, the company was already using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to complete some of their recurring tasks, but they needed a more connected solution that was easier and faster to build and deploy than RPA. In addition, Bosch was looking for an automation process that could seamlessly interact with external stakeholders like suppliers or internal decision makers.

In the summer of 2017, Bosch started using Catalytic to solve those issues. By November 2018, they recognized us as one of their top partners by awarding us a 2018 Bosch North America Regional Supplier Award, which recognized the efficiencies we were already realizing in their business through Catalytic.

Since then, we’ve continued to scale our solutions across their international enterprise, and we’ve worked together to improve many of their processes company-wide. While Bosch started using Catalytic to improve their procurement and supply chain management processes, we’ve since expanded into their logistics, controlling, HR, and finance teams. The Bosch and Catalytic teams truly leveraged the imagination of innovation to not only automate one specific process, but to revolutionize how they get work done and the efficiencies that could be gained across functional areas.

Our journey with Bosch has been a true partnership. The establishment of their own Center of Competence (CoC) for Intelligent Automation now allows the company to be self-sufficient in accelerating automation adoption and digital transformation within the whole organization. The automation team started in Stuttgart, Germany with six people. Now, they have additional automation hubs in Campinas, Brazil, and Mexico with 10 people building automation solutions full-time for their Global Services Organization alone.

In a company with 410,000 employees, we’ve trained and supported hundreds of business users, who act as automation accelerators and resources for other employees. Because of this, we’ve watched Bosch’s CoC grow into a best-in-class example of what every enterprise’s automation team should strive for.

Now, only two years since the organization originally deployed Catalytic, we were honored to be one of the 47 suppliers selected out of Bosch’s 43,000 suppliers and vendors to receive the 2019 Bosch Global Supplier Award.

The Innovation award is a new category this year—although these awards have been hosted for 16 years. A highly decorated jury of Bosch leaders and experts selected the nominees in this new category, invited finalists to Germany to make a pitch, then selected Catalytic as one of the winners in the final round.

We look forward to keep transforming together with Bosch to provide continuous innovative impact though the Catalytic platform.





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