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Catalytic’s Automation Playground: Try-for-yourself interactive demos

Introducing a new way to experience automation with Catalytic

Catalytic’s new—and ever growing—Automation Playground features a collection of fun and functional automations you can interact with to experience our automation technology.

Inspired by a company hackathon where Catalytic employees built creative and useful automation in less than two hours, we invite you to play and interact with these interactive demos. Get a feel for yourself what automation is, how the Catalytic platform works on the front-end and back-end, and how it could work for you. 

The automations in the playground are all created with Catalytic’s building blocks—like web forms, integrations, data processing, document assembly and AI—to generate custom deliverables you can use.

Each automation starts with a web form. Fill out the form’s fields and press submit to kick off automatic steps in the background in Catalytic. Within minutes, Catalytic will deliver customized results to your inbox.

While these automations vary slightly from our typical business use cases, here are some fun demos you can take for a spin:



Automation ROI calculator

For business inquiries, this workflow combines text analysis and data processing to generate personalized responses and estimates.

In our automation ROI calculator demo, just describe a process you’d like to automate. Catalytic uses Natural Language Processing to analyze your response, calculates the projected ROI of the use case, then sends the results in a PowerPoint slide.

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Custom PowerPoint generation

In a real business use case, Catalytic can cut down the time you spend to create decks. With automation, you can populate any PowerPoint template with custom information.

To show off Catalytic’s document assembly capabilities, this Automation Playground demo creates a customized PowerPoint deck with your company’s logo and color scheme. 

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Twitter profile analysis

For customer service inquiries and survey results, applying sentiment analysis AI to your workflow can save time in identifying and addressing the most urgent issues.

Try this automation to see how Catalytic’s sentiment analysis AI analyzes the mood of any Twitter user’s recent tweets.

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Fill-in-the-blank corporate fable

PowerPoint’s everyday business uses are broad, and the ways you can use it in an automated workflow are just as expansive, such as populating a PowerPoint template to create custom deliverables like an eBook.

In this fun fairytale demo of our document assembly capabilities, Catalytic generates a personalized storybook in PowerPoint format starring you as the epic hero of your company.

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Slide through the full Automation Playground and swing back to check out new automations that we continue to add. 

Written by Catalytic