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Announcing Catalytic's integration with Automation Anywhere

If you're using Automation Anywhere, their bots can now run together with Catalytic to fully automate end-to-end processes. A formal integration with this leading RPA provider is part of our latest product release. Read more about the partnership.

Automation Anywhere’s core strength is executing highly consistent and structured tasks through screen-based automation of on-premise systems. An RPA tool is a smart investment, and integrating it with Catalytic can help you maximize ROI and scale your success with RPA much more widely and effectively.

Automation Anywhere bots can be organized in Catalytic as reusable actions, meaning that business users building on Catalytic don't need to be Automation Anywhere developers in order to connect their Catalytic automations to Automation Anywhere bots.

Today we’re asking you these questions to determine if your company could benefit from the Catalytic and Automation Anywhere integration.


1. Do you need a bot and a human to work together?

Automation Anywhere bots are usually solo operators. With this integration, your Automation Anywhere bots can work together and exchange information with all the people involved in your business processes. There are several business cases when a human in the loop of an automated process is useful, such as:

  • gathering data, including from external parties like vendors, customers, or job applicants
  • making decisions including where there is a chain of approvals
  • handling exceptions and validating data formats


As an example, Catalytic can orchestrate the handoff of exceptions seamlessly from RPA bots to employees, such as when a spreadsheet isn’t in the right format and you need a user to correct it. Or, do you have approval processes that involve data entry into on-premise systems? Catalytic can manage critical approvals by your key decision makers and then hand it over for entry by Automation Anywhere into the system of record.


2. Do you want to know the status of all your Automation Anywhere devices?

An Automation Anywhere bot can run and deliver big savings for your team, but it can be difficult to get a real-time, 360-degree view of your automation without investing significant time and effort into a custom analytics integration. Catalytic can provide insight into your Automation Anywhere bots anywhere, at any time. We can monitor important metrics like RPA bot progress, usage, value, and capacity - and then help you reuse and repurpose those bots in the cloud.


3. Are you looking for ways to get additional ROI from your Automation Anywhere investment?

If you’ve invested significant resources into Automation Anywhere, this integration is a great way to get the most value out of your RPA bots. By connecting your existing bots to the Catalytic cloud, you get access to the many built-in components required for human-centric automation, such as AI capabilities powered by third parties, such as HelloSign for e-signatures, Google for OCR and natural language processing, or Rossum for invoice processing. These capabilities are built-in, making it easier for companies to consume business services.


What’s next?

Learn more about the Catalytic and Automation Anywhere solution. And, Connect with us to discuss how to get started.

Written by Ian Stubbs