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7 benefits of cloud automation

Cloud automation can make digital transformation more attainable than traditional automation software. Here's how.

Traditional automation software is installed and run on desktops and virtual machines (VMs). Catalytic was born in the cloud and represents the next generation of intelligent automation platforms.

Catalytic enables organizations to automate repetitive, manual work including processing data, responding to emails, updating systems, and working with documents. While many organizations have fully embraced cloud applications like Salesforce, Workday, and Office 365, other organizations remain somewhat skeptical or cautious of cloud-based solutions.

What benefits can cloud automation bring to your organization, and how can it help you to accelerate digital transformation initiatives?


Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Running your automations on a cloud platform means you bypass the costs associated with maintaining your own hardware. While the costs of hardware are significant, most organizations will likely see even higher costs associated with human resources to install, troubleshoot, secure, and upgrade that hardware. When considering total cost of ownership, cloud-based automation is far more economical.


Centralized governance

Every Catalytic automation for your organization is built within a centralized environment. This enables an IT organization or automation COE to more effectively organize, control, and audit the automation activity throughout the organization. Multi-layered permissions and access rights can be controlled at the organization, group, user, object, and data levels.



According to RapidScale, 94% of businesses saw an improvement in security after implementing cloud solutions. Catalytic works with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide cloud-hosting and services. These organizations have far more resources dedicated to cybersecurity than a typical IT department could possibly provide, including both physical and network security.

Catalytic provides both multi-tenant and single-tenant hosting options, meaning that you can have a dedicated, isolated account with only your data. All data on Catalytic is encrypted in transit and at rest using enterprise-grade security standards. Catalytic has achieved successful completion of both SOC 2 and HIPAA attestation examinations, and quarterly penetration tests are performed by a third-party auditor.


Fast, low-risk implementation

A new customer account can be set up in Catalytic instantly. Users simply log-in using their web browsers and start building automations. With a software as a service (SaaS) pricing model, organizations can start in a low-cost, low-risk manner, and only invest more after seeing proof of success and ROI on automations. This contrasts with on-premise installed automation software, which typically requires more significant upfront investments in time and costs to get started.


Suppliers and customers in the loop

Business processes not only include employees, but also involve suppliers, customers, partners, contractors, job candidates, and others outside the organization. With a cloud-based automation platform like Catalytic, these external parties can participate in the automated workflow by completing forms, uploading files, and signing documents. This enables you to automate the full end-to-end process, rather than just the steps that take place within the walls of your organization.


Work from anywhere with any device

Most traditional automation software can only be installed on PCs. To access Catalytic, all you need is a web browser. That means that Catalytic will work on both PCs and Macs, and it's also mobile-friendly with responsive design, so users can access it on their smartphones. Employees commonly work outside the office, so you need automation software that can keep up regardless of where they are and what device they’re using.


Continuous innovation with painless upgrades

As a cloud platform, Catalytic ensures that you are always using the latest version. You do not need to manually install or update software on your laptop, and your users don't need to wait for upgrades to occur. Additionally, as a cloud platform,  we can release new features more frequently and include more features in every release, resulting in development efficiencies for your organization.



Cloud automation platforms are more scalable in every way. When you’re storing large data sets in Catalytic's data tables, you don't need to worry about increasing hard drive space—Catalytic will manage that for you. As you bring more departments and users onto the platform, Catalytic's centralized governance and system management actions will minimize friction and manual effort. From a pricing perspective, Catalytic's SaaS model is designed to increase pricing as a fraction of the value you're achieving, so you always realize a great ROI.

To make digital transformation attainable for your organization, implement an automation solution that is cost-effective, quickly deployable, easily connected and built to grow with you.




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