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Robotic Process Automation

Key features of RPA, and how Catalytic goes beyond its limitations

How Catalytic goes beyond RPA



RPA relies on the technical skill of the overwhelmed IT department. Catalytic’s no-code platform enables key business users outside of IT to build smart workflows.

cost effective@2x


Catalytic doesn’t require the costly consulting fees of RPA companies. Implementation is simple, and our team gets you up to speed quickly. 

no-code flexibility@2x

No-code flexibility

Catalytic offers a no-code platform to streamline workflows across roles and departments based on specific needs. 



Don’t get boxed in by initial workflows that don’t apply company-wide. We can scale across the enterprise

better data quuality@2x

Better data quality

Structure your data and orchestrate actions to create processes that deliver on greater accuracy.

humans in the loop@2x

Humans in the loop

Processes that need human input can be triggered to the appropriate employee for approval, denial, or updates as needed. 

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