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No-code automation

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How Catalytic empowers no-code citizen developers


Why citizen development?

The biggest barrier to digital transformation is the lack of technical talent required to implement, maintain, and scale solutions across the organization. The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics forecasts that IT employment, particularly software developers and quality assurance analysts, will grow at more than five times the rate of all other jobs through 2029. Without capable IT resources, digital transformation initiatives fail to get off the ground or scale meaningfully to positively impact the business.

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Who can be a citizen developer?

Your business users know your processes best.  Think: tech-savvy employees who see the big picture With no-code technology, they're able to tap into firsthand knowledge of your operations and empower them to solve their process challenges. With low-cost training and support, these users quickly become citizen developers, capable of building their own automated workflows with very little help from IT.

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How does no-code with Catalytic work?

No-code modular pieces called "actions" are the building blocks of the Catalytic platform, and technically proficient business users can configure them without coding. Users act as “builders,” developing Catalytic workflows for their process needs by combining and configuring actions in a modern, web-based outline view.


How is no-code scaled and governed?

Successful programs have both business and technical sponsorship and buy-in. This co-sponsorship is important to ensuring business apps are built in a way that fits within an organization’s overall technology structure as well as meets all compliance and data security requirements. And, a no-code platform makes it easy with built-in controls, oversight and advanced features for IT governance.

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Why do employees love no-code platforms?

Manual and poorly integrated processes keep your team from taking on more meaningful, value-driven projects. No-code workflows built by citizen developers makes work better for every employee and customer who touches the process. And employees who become citizen developers will learn new valuable, transferable tech skills to grow as professionals.

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