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Business Process Management

Standardize, orchestrate and automate dynamic processes

How Catalytic goes beyond BPM


Low-maintenance, no-code cloud

Catalytic and BPM can be used for a lot of the same things. However, Catalytic acts as a more modern, lightweight-but-powerful version of some BPM software. Catalytic allows for rapid, cloud-based setup and no-code building, where BPM implementation can take longer and require more code, rip-and-replace and maintenance.

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Citizen development

Most BPM software isn’t accessible to business users and is usually implemented entirely by IT. Catalytic is easy enough for any tech-savvy employee to implement solutions for their department as a citizen developer. IT can still oversee security and controls, but saving time for their own projects..

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Connecting your other systems within your processes is typically faster to set up in Catalytic. Pre-built integrations for many common business applications make this a less custom effort than BPM.



Don’t get boxed in by initial workflows that don’t apply company-wide. Catalytic is easier to scale across the enterprise. 

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AI and machine learning

From sentiment analysis and fuzzy matching to machine learning predictions and suggestions, Catalytic’s capabilities sit on the cutting edge, having more of the latest automation and AI features built in. And with Catalytic’s open ecosystem, we’re always adding more as technology evolves.

Identify and overcome the obstacles to scaling your automation program