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The costs and benefits of automation

Manjunath Bhat

Robots aren’t here to take away our jobs, they’re here to give us a promotion.

Manjunath Bhat
Manjunath Bhat
-Research Director, Gartner

What makes Catalytic different from the status quo


Ease of use

Citizen developers are key to enabling your automation strategy to really take hold across your organization. With a no-code platform, business users can use Catalytic to address their specific process challenges without relying as heavily on IT. It all results in being able to accelerate digital transformation.


Integrated Platform

The phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” applies. Catalytic seamlessly integrates with your existing technology solutions to extend their ROI and deliver new value to your organization.


Unlimited Platform

As your company continues to evolve to meet new market challenges, Catalytic is with you every step of the way. Unlimited pricing options give you frictionless growth, predictable costs, and less overhead.


Guided journey to self-sufficiency

Your automation strategy is only as good as your ability to scale it across your organization. We’re here with the right level of support to ensure you can scale rapidly, reduce costs, and transform your organization.

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