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The Robotics Process Automation (RPA) revolution has helped companies automate many routine tasks once manually performed by employees, driving efficiencies and ROI. Yet, so much more can be automated. According to a Deloitte study, only 3% of companies have scaled their digital workforce. Automating end-to-end processes can be fairly complex, requiring additional AI capabilities and involving people to handle aspects of the workflow, such as approvals and exceptions. That's where Catalytic can complement Automation Anywhere.

Orchestrate Automation Anywhere Bots, People, and Systems

The Catalytic automation cloud orchestrates complex and variable processes involving people and Automation Anywhere bots, mines unstructured documents, and has an ecosystem of built-in and turnkey integrations with enterprise technologies. By bringing together Automation Anywhere and Catalytic, companies can maximize and scale automation investments more effectively.


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The Power of Catalytic + Automation Anywhere

Use Catalytic to:

  • Gather inputs from your employees, customers, and vendors that an Automation Anywhere bot can then enter into an on-premise system
  • Create a standardized CSV file from unstructured documents that an Automation Anywhere bot can then use to make updates in a desktop application
  • Initiate Automation Anywhere bots at multiple points in an end-to-end business process with waiting periods in between
  • Seamlessly hand off exceptions to employees from Automation Anywhere bots
  • Better manage your Automation Anywhere bot capacity, as well as reuse and repurpose your bots in the cloud
  • Monitor Automation Anywhere bot progress and report on bot usage and value

Combined Strengths


Cloud automation

Cognitive capabilities

Data processing

People interactions

On-premise RPA

Citrix RPA

Computer vision

Script recording


Catalytic’s Technology Ecosystem

We offer additional automation and AI capabilities powered by third parties such as HelloSign for e-signatures, Google for OCR and natural language processing, or Rossum for invoice processing. These capabilities are built-in and available without any additional contracts or implementations. Catalytic can also be seamlessly integrated to the technology tools you already have in place. We offer turnkey integrations to dozens of business systems that can be configured in less than ten minutes.



Achieve unprecedented scale by automating end-to-end

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