Automation without limitation

Configure automatic business processes with Catalytic for countless innovations

Catalytic sparks a chain reaction of productivity throughout your organization—coordinating your human and digital workers, systems and tools, and data and documents for seamless, automatic processes. 

Catalytic in action

Actions are what we call our smart steps to setting up automation without coding. For every manual task you do now, there is an equal but automatic Catalytic action. Choose actions from our extensive library and stack them together to orchestrate any multi-step process involving people, files and systems.

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People coordination

Catalytic can distribute web forms, assign tasks, set reminders and monitor the progress of the entire process so people—from employees and customers to partners and suppliers—are truly in the loop.

Use Case

When an invoice is created, an email can be sent automatically to the appropriate person for approval, without the manual effort.

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Digital workers

Catalytic can start and monitor your custom scripts and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots, enabling you to seamlessly move data and tasks between people and your digital workforce.

Use Case

Optimize the efforts of both your human and digital workers to create efficiencies across processes, systems and departments.

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System Integrations

Use Catalytic as the great connector between your systems. Our platform has dozens of the most popular business systems built in and ready to be configured in under 5 minutes. And if you use something that isn’t already on that list, you can easily connect it through an API.


Use Case

Connect your sales database, email platform and accounting tools to streamline your communication company-wide.

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Document creation

Catalytic can dynamically generate PDFs, PowerPoint decks, Excel sheets, and Word documents by filling in templates with key information.


Use Case

Raw data pulled from an email can be placed automatically into a clean presentation deck or report, so you can be prepared for an upcoming meeting without the hassle.

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Data & analytics

Catalytic can clean, consolidate and collect the data you need for brilliant analytics and insights. Then, use the calculations to generate reports, whether it’s for an email, spreadsheet, or a big presentation.

Use Case

Identify open and click-through rates on an email series, or downloads on a particular form, to see how your campaigns are performing and make changes as necessary.

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Document processing

Scan and extract information from any kind of document—no matter the format—with Optical Character Recognition (OCR software) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Catalytic can find key information, store it in the right places and use it in the next step, whether it’s filling in an email, a PowerPoint deck, a report, or a record in another application.

Use Case

Extract information from a vendor contract, like cost, due date, and other project details, which can be entered automatically into a spreadsheet for tracking.

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High-tech. Low-code.

Learn how to build automations on our people-friendly platform.


Quick wins and continuous improvement

Within two weeks of using Catalytic, Dentsu Aegis Network built a media actualization automation that reduced 95% of manual tasks on a single team. Then, by expanding the solution to more than 30 teams across the company, they’re reclaiming 100,000 business hours to refocus on higher-value work.

Global certification company

Building automation success

One global safety and certification company’s initial goal was to find an automation solution to perform more than 50% of one of its most time-consuming processes. With Catalytic, they were able to automate more than 90%.

We love building process automations

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