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Become a no-code automation builder.

Catalytic Academy is an interactive learning experience that will guide your journey as a user or automation builder on the Catalytic platform.

  • Gain new skills that you can apply to any no-code/low-code technology
  • High level introduction to core concepts of process automation
  • Complete the course in as little as 90 minutes
  • Self-paced learning
  • Get access to a Catalytic free trial side-by-side
  • Follow a sample exercise to build your first workflow in Catalytic



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“I gave an employee access to the Academy and her understanding on day one blows my mind. It's just that intuitive and user-friendly.”


Companies upskilling employees with Catalytic

Who should become a no-code builder with Catalytic Academy?

Anyone can gain new skills with Academy, but those who are most successful have these things in common:


Catalytic Academy's Foundations course only takes about 90 minutes to complete.

However, for the most impact and to put your new skills into action, workflow builders usually dedicate at least one hour a day or five hours a week building efficiencies as part of their job. 

They also usually have at least six months tenure within their organization and know how it functions.


Builders don't need an IT background, but a level of comfort with configuring tech is recommended.

Great candidates are usually good with Excel formulas, software admin, or data analysis. Experience with tools like Salesforce, or expertise in math, data science or business process management helps.

Love for problem solving

Builders can see the big picture to identify and map out logic, patterns and processes.

Process management skills and experience in operational excellence, working with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or project management can also help builders be successful.

Catalytic product builder screenshot
Catalytic product builder screenshot
Catalytic product builder screenshot
Michael S.

Catalytic is really intuitive. I have no coding background, yet I feel like I had superpowers being able to build this product.

Michael S.
Michael S.
-Senior Principal, Hyde Park Angels