Digital Process Automation

The goal of DPA is to extend process design beyond small, highly skilled development groups to all business users.
Forrester Report<br/><span style='font-weight: 400';>RPA, DPA, BPM, and DCM Platforms: The Differences You Need To Know </span>
Forrester Report
RPA, DPA, BPM, and DCM Platforms: The Differences You Need To Know
March 1, 2019

What makes Catalytic different

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Ease of use

A key differentiator between DPA and other tools is the role of the citizen developer. Catalytic’s no-code platform allows business users to take their process challenges into their own hands. Without having to rely as heavily on IT, users can scale their use of the technology more quickly and efficiently and accelerate digital transformation.

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Integrated Platform

There are many automation platforms that tackle different pieces of your operational puzzle. Catalytic allows you to tackle unlimited use cases. With it, you can mix and match any combination of its flexible capabilities to fit any process you can imagine.

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Unlimited Platform

As your automation strategy evolves beyond your initial deployment, your technology provider should make it easy on you to grow your use of their tool. Catalytic offers pricing options for unlimited usage to allow for frictionless growth, predictable costs, and less overhead.

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Guided journey to self-sufficiency

We provide the right level of support to ensure you move beyond your initial implementation and are able to scale rapidly, reduce costs, and transform your organization.

See Catalytic in action

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