No-code workflow automation software

What is smart workflow automation?

Workflow automation software uses rules-based technology to standardize and automate the things you currently do manually. Think: handoffs between employee tasks, notifications, processing forms, data entry, deliverable creation and more. You build it to suit your team’s processes and people. And with many platforms, you can do it without code.

Regardless of industry and across roles from HR and finance to supply chain and customer success, the operations of any department in any company can be transformed according to your unique needs. With no-code workflow automation and smart workflows, companies can operate faster, more efficiently and without friction.

Make work flow with no coding required.

Catalytic is the no-code workflow automation platform empowering business people to click-and-create digitized, automated and AI-enabled workflows.

It’s the only cloud platform created for business users, balanced with IT governance—and above all—with people in mind. At the core is a self-managing, intelligent data layer driving it all forward for powerful processing, visibility and a low-maintenance, dynamic infrastructure.

Global powerhouses to nimble startups have embraced Catalytic to do more with less, while overcoming years-long obstacles and reinvesting in their workforce.

Companies using Catalytic to Automate Success

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Things to consider about smart workflow automation

Choosing a platform for no-code workflow automation

There’s automation software. And then there’s workflow software. But workflow automation software is a new category changing everything.

Most traditional automation platforms are either focused on screen and task automation or building custom apps. And many workflow platforms aren’t robust enough, meant for simple, short repetitive tasks, not more significant automation through a longer process. Here’s what to look for to make sure you’re choosing the best workflow automation software.

Smart workflow automation features to look for:

  • Data-based
  • People-centric
  • Impactful automation 
  • Practical AI

Highly customizable while also simple to use. I have no technical expertise but I'm able to build very complex processes and incorporate predictive modeling with no additional support.

-Senior Director of Business Operations & Transformation

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